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A Gaggle of Gollywoggles
I would like to introduce to you an interesting creature known as a Gollywoggle.  These descendents of woodland elves were believed to inhabit the woods of Newfoundland but have recently been sighted along the eastern shore of Nova Scotia.  Gollywoggles dress themselves from remnants of materials swept onto the shore or forgotten clothes left out to dry.

While Gollywoggles are known to be timid creatures (they often scurry away and hide when loud footsteps are heard) they do make appearances when they hear the pitter patter of little feet.  So if you tread softly along the shore or in the woods and are lucky enough to come across a Gollywoggle, be sure to reach out and give this little being a huge hug.  Once they know you love to cuddle and coddle them, they will love to cuddle and coddle you.
Marquee Marquee
Pocket Gollywoggles